Golden State 95 at 9-12 Portland 105

Early in the year I would have done a preview in which I would have predicted a Portland win. Later, I would have predicted a loss, particularly without Aldridge. This is the type of game where he would be HUGE, running the floor, scoring at will, rebounding when needed. I would say the keys were Aldridge to come up big, Webster and Jones to have strong games, and Roy to make his standard contribution.

I clearly have lost my feel for this team. Roy had a decent game, though his shooting was again ragged. Aldridge did not play at all and Webster had a bad, bad game from an offensive standpoint...he scored but 2 points, took only 4 shots, and played only 9:28 due to a flu.

Fortunately, they got unexpected points from an unusual source. Przybilla gets his offense primarily from offensive rebounds and broken plays. There is a reason he averages just 5 or 6 points a game. So when he exploded for 15 points, it was a huge advantage. You can tell how active he was by his 5 offensive rebounds.

Meanwhile, this is the type of game James Jones loves, where he is going to get numerous open looks at 3s. He responded with 21 points and Outlaw also likes it as he can run and gun, dunk, run around the floor like a madman...and he continued his recent strong play with 22 and 8.

At the other end of the floor Stephen Jackson had a miserable night, just 3-15 from the floor. Davis had a typical game for him with 23 points, 8 boards and 11 assists...but nobody stepped into the gaps of Jackson and Monta Ellis, who missed the game.

The Warriors ended up with a miserable shooting night which was needed as Portland gave up a double digit lead to briefly trail before rebuilding their lead. They proved they can win without some of their best players as other members of the team are stepping up. It is getting exciting again.

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