Portland 116, Denver 105

The first time Portland went into Denver they essentially laid down. They "knew" they could not handle Iverson and Anthony and they played like it. Of course, Iverson is easily one of the most over rated players of the last decade. Yeah, I know, that is not a popular opinion...but dude shoots WAY too much for the number of shots he makes. He is a case where less would be more. Sure, he can carry a team in individual games, but over the course of a series he will cost a team, also. Reminds me of John Starks, another guy who could shoot a team into, out of, into and out of a the same game.

Contrast that with someone like a Garnett. He could score 30 a game if he really wanted to, but instead he involves his teammates and lets the ball move around. I would rather have half a Garnett than 10 Iversons.

It was the second performance of the year for Portland I found disappointing (the first being their loss to the Hornets in what I still believe was a game they should have won. Portland is a better team than New Orleans regardless of where that game is played.)

Despite their win in Utah I was still not a believer coming into this game but Portland proved me wrong yet again. This is the team I thought we had. They can beat any team, any place. Denver in Denver? No problem.

Channing Frye exploded for 20, the first time he has had a dominating offensive performance.Blake, Jack, Jones, and Roy also scored with abandon. They shot 54% for the game. They out rebounded someone...yes, that is right, Portland won the battle of the boards. That does not happen often.

Ironically, Iverson had an excellent game (38 points, 6 assists, 50% from the field). Anthony had an okay game. But the Denver role players disappeared while the Blazer role players stepped up in support of Roy. In the absence of Aldridge they spread the ball around, worked the boards, played defense, and took down a game that shows they can play anywhere. It was a superior performance where they led wire to wire and, when their lead started to evaporate, they stepped up and rebuilt the lead. A very satisfying win.

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